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Campus Fleet Vehicle Maintenance Requests

Campus fleet vehicle service requests shall be classified as an EMERGENCY when the work requires immediate action to eliminate hazards that pose a threat to the life, health, or security of faculty, staff, students, or guests; to prevent loss or damage to College property and equipment; to restore essential utility services; and/or; to ensure the continuation of mission critical services.

If the campus fleet vehicle repair or maintenance is an EMERGENCY and you are on campus, please call Automotive Services Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 4:00pm at extension 2974.  After hours or if you are off campus, please call Campus Police Services at 609.771.2345. DO NOT OPERATE THE VEHICLE UNLESS IT IS SAFE TO DO SO. If the vehicle was involved in an accident, please refer to Vehicle Accident Reporting.

If you would like to request non-emergency repair or service, please use the Online Work Order Request System. When submitting your request, please identify the vehicle’s on campus location in Step 2. In Step 3 please select “Vehicle Maintenance” as the Problem Type. In Step 4, please detail the nature of the service requested as well as the vehicle’s license plate number.